• Starting the Implementation of GreenSSLM 2 for Natural Protected Areas in four European Countries.


    GreenSSLM 2 is a new generation platform that can monitor wide areas of any surface and detect possible malicious changes and effects.

    GreenSSLM 2, based on the knowledge gained from different smart applications, constitutes a continuously monitoring interface able to process and evaluate complex environmental factors which characterize the holistic status of the area.

    GreenSSLM 2 is going to provide its services in the below four Natural Protected Parks:

    • Regional Park of Mincio (Italy)

    • Public Institution “National Park Krka” (Croatia)

    • Public Company Una National Park Ltd Bihac (Bosnia/ Herzegovina)

    • Management Body of Protected Area of Karlas (Greece)

    Aratos Technologies S.A.is offering the services of GreenSSLMTM 2 in the aim of EcoSUSTAIN project in the period starting from 2017.